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ตัวอย่างการตรวจ English Proofreading & Editing (Sample#14)

ตัวอย่างการตรวจ English Proofreading (Sample#14)



In particular, the researcher revises the data and extracts the main issue in order to produce a theme for each code extracted.  The researcher is aware that each data extracts were recognised by their significance in solving the research questions and reaching its aims that were not heavily depends on prevalence. With the inductive approach that researcher followed, the data were collected and the themes identified are solidly linked to the data themselves.

The data were revised, with the main issues extracted to produce a theme for each code. Data sets were recognised by their unique ability to solve the research questions and identify solutions. Identified themes were solidly linked to the collected datathrough an inductive approach.

Because: Tense changed from present to past as the work has been completed. It is obvious that ‘the researcher’ is doing the study; there is no need to mention this. Clarity is improved with reduced word count.


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