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ตัวอย่างการตรวจ English Proofreading (Sample#20)

ตัวอย่างการตรวจ English Proofreading (Sample#20)



It is necessary to review the conceptual foundation of nation branding and study nation branding application to gain insight into the concept, and inspect the GCC and its members within the parameters of nation branding and competitive identity. Then, it is also important to look at the similarities and differences of tourism policy of both the GCC as a whole and also each of its members, and finally, to examine the opportunities and challenges of nation branding for the region in the global market.

To review the conceptual foundation and application of nation branding and competitive identity, it is necessary to examine the similarities and differences between the tourism policies of GCC member states regarding nation branding opportunities and challenges, both collectively and individually in the global market.

Because: The paragraph was restructured, reducing the number of words to clarify the meaning and improve the flow.

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